Korean 호주 유학

많은 유학생들이 호주에서의 유학을 선택하는 이유로 높은 교육 수준과 초등학교 및 중고등학교의 학습 선택, 국제 대학입시, 호주의 생활수준과 친절한 국민들을 꼽습니다. 전세계의 대학들과 고용주들은 호주의 학교와 높은 교육의 질을 인정합니다. 호주 유학이 여러분의 인생을 바꿀 수 있습니다.

삶을 위한 장소, 사우스 오스트레일리아 주

즐겁게 공부할 수 있는 곳, 열정을 채우는 곳, 꿈을 시작하는 곳. 이 곳에서 여러분은 특별한 경험을 할 수 있습니다.

사우스 오스트레일리아 주에 오신 것을 환영합니다.

사우스 오스트레일리아 주를 선택하여 양질의 학교와 라이프스타일을 누리세요

South Australia is where quality education meets quality lifestyle, where you can experience a sense of wellbeing while working towards your study abroad goals and qualifications....

You can learn under Australia’s highest education standards, but with a lower cost of living than most other Australian cities. You can live well and learn well.

We offer short and long term study programs

  • primary school and high school programs
  • affordable tuition fees compared to other Australian schools
  • individual school matching to best meet your interests and ambitions
  • intensive English and support included in your study program

Come to South Australia for a great Australian experience. South Australia packs all the quintessential Australian experiences into the one destination. Our friendly approach and temperate climate allow you to enjoy a relaxed and active lifestyle all year round. We have white sandy beaches, wildlife parks and picturesque hills villages.

South Australia is an affordable study destination. International students can access student concessions on transport, entertainment and events across Adelaide. Our cost of living is 16% cheaper than Sydney and students love to shop for their favourite foods at the Adelaide Central Market and Chinatown.

Your success, safety and wellbeing are our priority. When you receive a South Australian education, you have the opportunity to succeed academically but will also grow as a person through participation, open-mindedness, critical thinking, language and friendships. Your academic success and personal development will prepare you for a brighter future.

Wide choice of high quality schools to learn in

South Australian Government Schools provide study environments with well-equipped learning spaces, world-class technology and passionate teachers who will nurture your ambitions and work with you to achieve your dreams....

You can choose a school that is near the beach, close to the city centre or in the country. We have over 100 accredited schools to choose from, located in Adelaide and regional South Australia, offering:

  • special interest programs and co-curricular activities
  • specialist resources for technology, arts, hospitality, sport and VET
  • an international student program manager in every school
  • local school buddy to help you settle into school life

Our international program is centrally managed. We pride ourselves in offering a high level of service to our international students, parents, homestay families, education agents and accredited schools. Every aspect of your study program, including homestay accommodation, is centrally managed within our office by a caring team of dedicated staff. This makes South Australian Government Schools unique in Australia.

Choose from a diverse selection of subjects and activities

You can also choose a school that fits your educational pathways – from science and technology to the arts, hospitality or vocational trade. You can study a variety of subjects while also experiencing the Australian lifestyle....

We offer a diverse selection of subjects and activities. You will have the opportunity to improve your English, join a special interest program, try a new subject like media, design or outdoor education, participate in a school drama production or music band, play a new sport like Australian Rules football, cricket, golf or beach volleyball, and experience a new activity like rock climbing, sailing or surfing.

South Australia is your home away from home

South Australia is your home away from home. South Australia is the perfect destination for living and studying abroad. Your homestay family, school and friends will soon make you feel at home so you can enjoy everything that South Australia has to offer!...

Our homestay families are quality accredited to care for you. Living with a supportive homestay family will help you in your studies and enrich your South Australian experience. When matching you to a suitable homestay family we take into account your individual preferences. Our staff know every homestay because we personally accredit and monitor them. This makes it easier for us to find the right homestay for you.

We support you every step of the way. Our support service starts before you leave home and continues throughout your study program to ensure you enjoy your South Australian experience. You will receive:

  • pre-departure brochure
  • a comprehensive school orientation program
  • safety and wellbeing checks
  • academic progress reports
  • subject and tertiary studies counselling
  • 24 hour emergency phone service

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